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»Please note that it is very common for users not to be able to see the pictures because they are too dark. If you have this problem, try adjusting the contrast of your monitor. =)

Allrighty then, detective! You will set out to find the Curse of Blackmoor Manor. I'd just like to say that if you are new to the series of games, you should choose Junior Detective at the game selection window.

The game begins as Nancy gets dropped of at Blackmoor-at night, of course. As she is walking she will hear a voice..."Nancyyyyyyyy..." and see red eyes. Then she will go to her room after talking to Mrs. Drake. Turn to your left some and you'll see a box on a red padded chair. You'll have to open the box. Since this is a walkthrough, I'll tell you how. Click on the lion side of the box. Open it and then change it so that it looks like this:

Then the snake, or dragon side:

And then the lynx, or bobcat side (closed, any color underneath):

Then spin the box, and this is what the rabbit side needs to look like:

And finally, the fish side:

The box will open. Take the lens that comes out. Then back up and look at the yellow book that's sitting on top of Nancy's mantle. In the middle you will find piece of paper with symbols on it. Put it back in the book then turn to your right until you see a windowseat. Go over to it and you'll see a small hole:

Insert your lens in the hole and turn it. You will now see a puzzle with the horoscope/zodiac signs. This is the order in which they need to be pressed:

When you finish you will hear a click and the puzzle will slide back to reveal a stone. You'll find out its purpose later. Now, then, turn to your right and go to the black phone to the left of Nancy's bed. Call "cook." Ask for pinky and perky, and when he asks you if you want Uncle Fred and Johnny Rutter (Cockney slang for bread and butter), say yes. Look at the tripod, then exit Nancy's room.

Turn to your left, take a step forward, then turn to your left again. Go up the stairs. At the top, you will see some levers. Pull lever B, then A, D, C, A, D, E, E. Out comes a key! Go back down the stairs and turn to your left. Go down the hallway until you hear an angry voice on the phone. Turn to your left and enter Linda's room.

Linda is hiding behind a curtain. Talk to her. Then exit her room and turn to your left. Knock on Jane's door and enter. Jane's door is the one you passed on the way to Linda's room. Talk to Jane. Play a game with her if you want, but then ask her some questions. She'll tell you about the "lady in black." Then ask her if there used to be a telescope in Nancy's room. She'll put it back but only if you play a game with her.

You'll have to put together a puzzle-in five minutes. Here's what it looks like when you're done:

When you're done playing, turn to your right and click on Jane's bookshelf. Look at the book on monsters and the pamphlet on Runes. At the back of the monster book, there is a number to call. You can call later. Now click on the microwave. Jane will tell you that the cakes are for Loulou, her parrot. You can make her a cake using worms, blueberries, crackers, lettuce, beans, and nuts, but stay away from salami, salsa, chocolate, and avacados. Bake the cake, then look at Jane's dresser. Pick up and flip through the Mutus Liber. Look at the picture of her mom as well.

Look at the guinea pig picture on her desk and her lesson schedule. Look at her bulletin board, and her tapestry, then exit her room. You might bump into Ethel, Jane's tutor, depending on how long you spent in Jane's room. Go down the stairs and you'll get a cell phone call from Mrs. Petrov. Continue down the stairs and go to the conservatory. It's the blue door.

Talk to Mrs. Drake. She's Mrs. No-nonsense allright. Look at her allergy medication on the table, then turn around and look at the dried up well. Then go back to the Great Hall. Go forward and through the wooden double doors. You'll be in the library, and will hear Nigel typing. Turn to your left and talk to him.

He'll think that you're from a typing agency...gee, thanks, Nigel. After talking with Nigel, look at the statue of Mercury, with the wand in its hand. Then look at the other computer. The password is purgamentum. You'll have to come back at midnight and play the ghost game. Look at the man in the Great Hall without a coat of arms:

Then, go back upstairs and turn to your right. You'll hear odd noises coming from underneath the blanket. Pull it back to reveal...Loulou! Silly parrot. After talking to Loulou, turn to your right. Click on the door. It's locked. Let's see if Jane has the key. She's sleeping right now, but if you look to the right of her door, there is a keyhole. Put the key in that you got at the top of the noisy stairs. You'll need some grease.

Go to your room and your food will be there. Take some turkey and butter, then exit Nancy's room. You'll see the lady in black! Follow her and pick up the red goggles, then go back to Jane's door. Put some butter in the lock to "loosen things up." Then put your key in. Now it will turn. Go up the stairs. You'll see a puzzle. The puzzle will need to look like this when you're all finished:

Take the lightning bolt that comes out, then give Nancy some well-deserved rest. Set her alarm clock for 3:00pm. Nancy will hear chanting. Reset the alarm clock for 3:00pm. You'll hear rattling on the door. Go outside, then turn around and look at your door. Looks like something tried to get in!

Talk to Jane. When you exit her room, Ethel will pop out of nowhere. That always scares me a little, even when I know it's coming. :) Now talk to Linda about the lady in black. She says she doesn't know a thing about it. When she becomes silent, click on her again and she'll tell you about the secret passageway you found. Then ask Jane about it. She'll tell you that she found one once, but she'll only tell you about it after you play a game with her. That's no surprise.

If you've played Secret of the Scarlet Hand, you'll know how to play Bul. If not, listen to Jane's directions. It's quite easy. All you have to do is roll the corn "die" and capture all of the other warriors. Once you beat her, she'll tell you that the passageway is in the east hall. Unfortunately, it's locked. Ask her for a key and she'll give it to you. Take it to the East hall.

Inside you'll see a dragon statue with moveable hands. This is how the hands must go:

The passageway will open. Enter and Nancy will need a flashlight. Ask Jane for one. She doesn't have a flashlight, but she has some glowsticks. Of course, you'll have to play a game for one first. Petroglyph Punch is not a hard game-just get three or more of the same picture in a row. Jane will give you the glowstick once you win. Go back to the East Hall and do the dragon hands again. It's annoying to have to do it each time, but you'll live.

Nancy will automatically take out her glowstick when you enter the tunnel. Keep going down down down until you see an eye. Click the eye and you'll see the word Barber and a parrot. Exit the tunnel and talk to Loulou. She wants the magic word. Talk to Mrs. Drake. She'll tell you that you need to tell Loulou that she is a "Very very clever and beautiful bird."

Tell Loulou the magic word and Loulou will come up with the word "leech" when told Barber. Go back into the secret passageway and enter leech. There will be an extra space, so leave the * star at the end. Another word will come up when you enter it. It's very annoying to have to ask Loulou each time, so I'll tell you the answers.


With that, the door opens. Back up from the puzzle and click the handle. Continue in the passageway until you come to another "puzzle." You will see nine triangles. Turn them all up, then head out of the passageway. When you exit, you will run into Ethel. Talk to her, then go to Nancy's room. You will now notice that the telescope is sitting on the tripod. Insert the lens and look through it. The tapestry will now have symbols on it! Interesting...

Talk to Linda about the secret passageway. Nancy will realize that there is more than one passageway. Go downstairs into the Great Hall. Go to the library doors, but don't go in. Turn left. Go forward and look at the Go Fish game. Click on it and you'll find that it's not working. You'll have to crank it up. Talk to Mrs. Drake. She has a key, but you need to arrange some flowers for her first. There are many different ways to do this puzzle, and here is one:

There are many ways and this is one. When you're finished, turn to the right and look at the plant that's on top of the letter. Feed it some turkey, then read the letter. Go back upstairs to Nancy's room and set her alarm clock for 12:00am. Now we're going to play the 13 ghosts game. Go to Alan's computer, enter the password, and choose to go on the ghost hunt.

The clock will start ticking. Hurry, you don't have much time! The locations of the ghosts are:

One to the left of the library door (going in):

One in a stairpost in the great hall:

One to the left of a door to the kitchen hallway:

Three along the hallway where the kitchen door is:
One at the top of the noisy stairs:

One near Nancy's bedroom door:

One by the East hall:

One randomly in the upstairs hall:

One under a column:

And two in the conservatory:

If you still cannot complete this puzzle, and you have tried many times (15+), you can download a saved game after completing the ghost game here. Note: The saved game is based on this walkthrough, and if you have been following this walkthrough, you'll be fine. But if you haven't, you may have to do some puzzles over again, or you could miss some things. What to do with the saved game: when you download it, save it under C (or your hard drive):\Nancy Drew\Curse of Blackmoor Manor

When you are finished, go back to the computer in the library. (This is where the saved game starts). You'll now be let in on a little secret. There's apparently a slide by the green dragon. Green dragon...you've seen one in the East Wing! Go there, turn to the left.

Pull the handle beneath the vase and a slide will appear! Slide down-this is fun! As you slide, notice the bullseye you pass. You'll have to get something to throw at the target. Go to the hallway with the kitchen door. At the end of the hallway there is a cricket trophy. Take the cricket ball out of the trophy and slide down the slide.

When the target appears almost in the middle of the screen, click:

A circular object will come out. Looks like a clock, almost. Stand up and go to this column:

Make sure it's on this side. Remember the grayish rock you got from under the windowseat in Nancy's room? Put it in the missing spot, which is circled in the image. The column will open! Inside is a knight holding a shield. Turn the red pipe on the shield like this:

Then find this column:

And put your lightning bolt into his hand. Then turn the red pipe on the shield like this:

Then find this column:

Insert the time piece, then turn the red pipe like this:

You'll need to find all six column pieces. You'll find them later. Set Nancy's alarm clock for 8:00 am. Then talk to Mrs. Drake. On your way to the conservatory, you'll hear Ethel and Jane reviewing lessons. Since you arranged her flowers, she'll give you the crank, which you can use to crank the game in the Great Hall. Crank the game as shown below:

Now, click on the game. Betty will wave. Remember the symbols you saw on Nancy's tapestry? You'll have to click these names:


Make sure to click these in their correct order. Then click the red button to play. It's a Go Fish game; easy to beat. You'll get an arrow when you win. Then find this column:

Turn the pipe inside like this:

Allright, four columns down, two to go! Talk to Nigel about Corbin, the man who has no coat of arms and who has the gargoyle in his portrait. You'll have to do a typing test for him so that he'll show you Corbin's coat of arms. In Junior Detective, caps don't matter for the typing test. In Senior Detective, they do. The typing test is simple to get past.

When you get done typing, you'll find that Nigel is gone. Look at the notes and the e-mail on his laptop, then take the coat of arms that's on the desk. Exit the library and you'll see Jane and Ethel performing a ritual. No key without oil, no fire without toil.

Odd. Now, set your alarm clock for 3:00pm. Exit Nancy's room to your right. At the end of the hallway there is a gargoyle. Put your cursor to the right of the gargoyle. An arrow will appear:

Click the arrow twice, then click the one that pops up to the left of the gargoyle:

Then click the right arrow, then the left, then left again, then right. Another passageway opens! Enter the passageway. Ugh! Nancy's glowstick runs out. Go win another one from Jane by playing Petroglyph Punch. Ask her about the ritual and she denies it. Enter the passageway again, and some steps into it, you will see a beetle on the right wall. Lift the center:

You will see Linda's very hairy hand reach out and take a bottle of lotion. That sends chills down my spine, what about you? Keep going in the passageway and you will see the familliar eye symbol. Above the eye is the curse Linda apparently saw. Click on the eye. You will see some runes. You'll need to spell out Elinor's name in runes. She was the blameless one. Here's how:

The door will open. Head down the passageway until you get to the fork. Turn left and go down until you see the other side of the grid. Make these triangles face up as well. Nothing will happen, but don't worry, nothing is supposed to-yet.:) Turn around and go back up the stairs. Go forward when you reach the fork. Open the coffin shaped door. Inside is what appears to be a man with oversized hands. Look at the hands. The central jewel should not be pressed in. We are going to move the Mercury statue in the library so that we can take his wand- a column key and also useful for something else. Press the statue's left middle finger:

Nigel will be frightened. Click the statue's left index finger and Nigel will scream! :) Then click the statue's right index finger, and right middle finger. Look through the peephole. Mercury should now be facing you.

Exit the passageway. On the way out, the glow stick will get dimmer. These things sure go fast! Now go to Jane's room and get another glow stick from playing Petroglyph Punch. Then go to the library and take the wand out of Mercury's hand.

Then find this column:

Open it using the Mercury wand and turn the red pipe so that it looks like this:

Only one more key! Go to the dragon passageway. At the end, you will notice that some of the triangles you turned up are back down again. This is because of what you did to the other side. Turn them up and the passageway will open! Go forward. Take the glowing rock out of its box above the door handle. Finally! No more playing Petroglyph Punch! Do not open the door; turn to the right. Go forward and open this door without doing the puzzle. You will be in the bottom of the well. Pick up the note, then exit, turn around and click on the eye.

Nancy will explain how to do the puzzle. Here is exactly what to do: Press the 8 to 3 triangles button, 8 to 5, 3 to 8, 5 to 3, 5 to 8, 3 to 5, 8 to 3, 3 to 5, 5 to 8, 3 to 5, 8 to 3. The well will fill with water. Exit the tunnels and go to the conservatory. This is where you'll get your last column piece! The well is now full of water.

Play the game. The object is to get the frog to the other side of the pond; to the princess. However, the crocodile can eat up your frog. The crocodile usually isn't found in the middle of the "pond." Out comes the last column piece- the knight's head! Insert it into its respective column, then turn the pipe like this:

Nancy will say, "sounds like I did something right." Make your way to the bottom of the gargoyle passageway, where you found the glow rock. Enter the door. You are now in the moving rooms puzzle-save your game here!

Search on Nancy's phone for planetary symbols. You'll need to know what some are. Namely, mars, moon, sun, venus, and mercury.

Open the Mars door at the far side. DO NOT ENTER. TURN AROUND. The room is moving.
Open the Mars door once more. You will see a concrete wall. Turn around.
Open the Mercury door. Enter the room.
You will see the eye symbol on the door. Click the eye. You will see some odd symbols and a snake eating itself. Click on it, then turn around and enter the moving rooms. Use the same method as you did before to get out. Go to the library and ask Nigel about the snake eating itself.

He'll tell you about alchemy. Then go back to the puzzle. Research alchemy on Nancy's phone:


This is what you'll come up with. Your first compound is Aqua Fortis. Click the vitrol symbol and the nitre symbol, then click the pot. Second compound is Aqua Regis. Click spirit of salt three times, then vitrol and nitre. The third compound is Mercury. Click fire and cinnabar, then the pot. Distilled vinegar is next. Click vinegar and distillation, then the pot. Liquor Hepatis is last. Click sulphur, quicklime, sal amoniac, and distillation.

The door will open. Enter the forge. Go forward and turn to your left. Go up the stairs to play the Aleous and the Winds game. The object of the game is to get air to run into the forge. You are Aleous. Click the blue button to start. You must capture all four winds but avoid the pits. You can, however, jump over the pits with the larger arrows.

When you win, Nancy will say, Sounds like air is going to the forge.

Exit the forge to the Great Hall.Now, you are going to "charm" the gargoyles. Get out your wand and go to the gargoyle that opens the secret passageway. Wave the wand over his eyes. Watch the eyes light up and hear the timer. Run into the east wing, turn to your right, and wave your wand over that gargoyle. Slide down the slide (you may run into Ethel; if you do, start over.), then look at the gargoyle to your left. "Charm" him. Then quickly turn around and wave the wand over the hole where Jane poured oil. Phloop! If you do it fast enough, Nancy will say, Whoa. Something tells me that I succeeded in lighting the forge.

So, go back to the forge, Detective! This is where your journey will end. Go forward to the forge. Take the mold. This is the mold for the key. The mold, when you are finished, needs to look like this:

When you have the mold done correctly, pour the molten metal into it. Nancy will tell you if it is correct. Then take the key and turn to your left. You will see a keyhole. Insert the key into the keyhole and turn it. The treasure is apparently...a rock?!?! Okay, so it's a special rock. The culprit comes in and tries to take it. The box will start to fall on Nancy! Step back and the culprit will be caught in the box instead. Then step over to the Aleous game. Move him to the big box. He will lift the box off of the culprit! Good work, Detective! You've solved the Curse of Blackmoor Manor.

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